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Daft Hands

If you see the kids in the hall doing some crazy thing with their hands covered in marker, they might not be flashing gang signs. The "Daft Hands" video on YouTube has been watched over 3 million times, and done "live" on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Check it out - you can be the first in your teacher's lounge / office / cubicle to master the whole thing.


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They can master this, but somehow still can't figure out when Jamestown was settled.


Maybe Daft Hands could be one of NCLB's multiple measures.

Well I got that one right (Jamestown founding), but missed 8 of 60 (86.67%) — well above average, but I thought I would do better.

I don't think I'll even try the Daft Punk video moves, although they look cool; thanks for the pointer. I posted the video in my Facebook profile (under myTV).

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