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The Long Last Week Before School Starts

This can be the hardest week of the year for parents and kids and educators who aren't enjoying a last week of vacation. For them, summer school and camp are over but school hasn't started yet, creating childcare woes for parents and "nothing to do" for kids. (Or, for those who live where the school year has already begun already (it seems to be creeping up every year) then there's the strange sensation of having started something while it's still summer and everyone else is on vacation.) Meanwhile, lots of teachers are stuck in professional development when they just want to get their rooms and lessons prepared. The blog will be back up and running at full tilt again next Tuesday. You can make it.

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You be the judge of school reform in Chicago the first week of class.

Contract pdf and video of contract vote.

CTU Tentative Agreement 2007-2012

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007 (roll call)

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007 (sit down)

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