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Best Of The Week (July 30-August 3)

More Folks Like NCLB Than Like Their Local Schools, Says New Poll
Putting Freshmen In The Spotlight, Putting NCLB Under
Is Miller Breaking Up With Pro-NCLB Groups?
What Testing Guru Bill Sanders Really Meant About Multiple Measures

Teachers And Teaching
Report Praises Chicago Transfer Policy, Slams Evaluation
"Tough Liberal" --Friday Reading For Steve Barr & Others
Unions & Teachers & School Improvement

Urban Education
The War Within The Charter Movement: Quality Vs. Choice
Schoolchildren Narrowly Escape Bridge Collapse
Parents, Pedophiles, & Places For Their Kids

Media Watch
Job Opening In Dallas
Inane "I Like Turtles" Video Goes National
Scribbled Notes On A Cocktail Napkin: DFER Happy Hour


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