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Breaking News: Well-Dressed Reformers Hired To Run School Districts Across The Nation

Inspired by DC Mayor Fenty's surprise appointment of school reformer Michelle Rhee to head the District school system on Tuesday, elected officials across the nation have scrambled to announce their own hires from outside of traditional education circles:  In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg on Tuesday evening fired Joel Klein and hired Teach For America Founder Wendy Kopp, despite the absence of any previous district experience.  "She's been running the system for the past 10 years anyway," said Bloomberg in announcing the change. "We might as well make it official."  New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announced his plan to fire incoming chief Paul Vallas before he even starts, to be replaced by New Leaders For New Schools co-founder Jonathon Schnur.  "I met him at a party and he seemed really smart," said Nagin.  "Vallas is a nice guy, too, but I figure we should give this new generation of reformers a chance to show their stuff at running something."


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Oh you are such a practical joker Mr. Russo. But how many folks just about flipped their bagels reading that post and wondering if it could really be true? I suppose its time for these new generation education entrepreneurs to prove themselves. We'll all be watching Ms. Rhee in DC closely and with intense curiosity.

First of all, New York would not take a chance on the education of their children. Only black children are used as guinea pigs for such things. So the comment about New Orleans just might be true!

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