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The Week In Review (May 21-28)

On The Hill/Campaign 2008
Early Childhood Proposals, Realistic and Otherwise
Why Are Miller & Kennedy Not Calling Beth Ann Bryan?

Spellings Is To Gonzales As "I Don't Recall" Is To Lunchables
Five Questions For Jon Stewart To Ask Spellings Tonight
The Secretary's Necklace: Too Bad It Wasn't Larimar
Spellings Suck-Up, Part 234

Growth Models For Everybody!
How NCLB Is Like A Russian Novel
Does More Reading Make For Better Social Studies?
The "Lost Teacher Jobs" Myth

Policy Trends
Check Registers: Do They Help?
I Find It, You Read It: The Failed Takeover Story In LA
Utah Puts Seven K12 Admins On HIgher Ed Boards

School Life
Now They're Outsourcing Your Kids' Fast Food Jobs, Too
Finding The Hidden Gems In The System

Media Watch
Snap Judgements In Education Reporting
Watch Out, Cambridge
Now I Know Your Home Phone Number

Site News
More Misogyny And Anger (And Irony, Too) At The HuffPo
Mother Jones Mention
The Worst Blog On EdWeek


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