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More Misogyny And Anger (And Irony, Too) At The HuffPo

If you have absolutely nothing better to do, check out my latest screed over at the Huffington Post (Spellings Does Comedy), which combines my last few posts about Spellings and the media into one big pile of misogyny and anger (hence the ominous picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie). I promise to write about something other than Spellings next time. In the meantime, for lighter fare, check out Gerald Bracey on education research, or Ravitch on history. Man, don't those two ever shut up? (The promised irony.)

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A comment on Gerald Bracey. The question is NOT will he ever shut up. The question is whether those who make policy will ever read his writing. Bracey is brilliant, has an excellent sense of what is important, and doesn't waste time with gossip. And his writing is clear. I recommend starting with Setting the Record Straight: Responses to Misconceptions about Public Education in the US, published by Heinemann.

We've been talking about Heath Ledger's Joker at Highbrid Nation. I'm usually a traditionalist but I think I like the direction they are going in. Though some are saying the recent pic is fake. I honestly beleive it is real.

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