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Big Stories Of The Day (May 24)

Schools for Pregnant Girls in New York Will Close NYT
Created in the 1960s, when pregnant girls were such pariahs that they were forced to leave school until their babies were born, the city school system’s four pregnancy schools — or P-schools, as they are obliquely referred to — have lived on, their population dwindling to just 323 students from 1,500 in the late 1960s.

Clinton Pitches Pre-school Access for All NPR
Sen. Hillary Clinton said this week that if she's elected president, she will ensure access to high-quality pre-school for all families in the United States. Advocates say the effects of quality pre-school last far beyond elementary school.

City Schools To Tie Principals' Pay to Performance Pittsburgh Post Gazette
In what Superintendent Mark Roosevelt called a major part of his turnaround agenda, the district is doing away with annual step increases that principals received without regard to performance.

Merrifield's blog comments on education reform assailed Rocky Mountain News
Two Republican lawmakers who sponsored a bill to strengthen math and science standards this year are accusing the former House Education Committee chairman of taking cheap shots at them in a blog.


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