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Big Stories Of The Day (Friday May 18)

GAO report: Schools need more training on handling emergencies USA Today
Eight years after the Columbine High School shootings and nearly six years after Sept. 11, 2001, many of the nation's public schools are short on both the equipment and expertise they'll need in case of a full-scale terrorist attack, natural disaster or biohazard emergency, a government report says.

Principals Act in Plan to Reduce Bureaucracy NYT
Chancellor Joel I. Klein is challenging New York City’s public school principals to free themselves as much as possible from outside oversight under a new reorganization.

Bullying teen gets public punishment MSNBC
A seventh-grade girl got suspended from school for a week for bullying another student. Then Mom got involved, and things got worse for Miasha Williams.


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I applaud the mother for wanting to do the right thing and getting involved in anti-bullying programs. Having your child stand on corners with a sign seems like a "last resort" plan to me.

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