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Power Couples In Education, The Update

People really seem to loving the power couples thing, and here are some more that have come in over the transom:

Chris Edley (Former Clinton Civil Rights, now at UC Berkeley) and Maria Echaveste (Former Clinton Labor, now at UC Berkeley). Howard Fuller (Marquette University) and Deborah McGriff (former Milwaukee deputy super, now at Edison Schools). Goodwin Liu (former Clinton National Service) and Ann O’Leary (9th circuit?). Carolyn Henrich (UC lobbyist former National PTA) and Joel Packer (NEA).

Warning -- I haven't verified these, so they may be wrong or outdated.

Previously noted (here): Former Heritage and USDE Nina Rees and journalist husband Matt (the one with the glasses). TFA founder Wendy Kopp (with bonus school pic) and KIPP CEO Richard Barth.


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