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Power Couple Pics

I'm still working on getting more paparazzi pics, but the power couple pics I've come up with so far include former USDEr Nina Rees and journalist husband Matt (there are a couple -- she's married to one of these guys):

Also, TFA founder Wendy Kopp (with bonus school pic) and KIPP CEO Richard Barth:

Other amusing nominations I've received: Miller and Kennedy, Petrilli and Finn, Spellings and Paige.

No, I don't have anything better to do.


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I can help you figure out which of the two photos features the Matt Rees who's half of your "power couple." He's the one not standing in the Bethlehem casbah in front of a poster featuring images of Palestinian suicide bombers... Ok, he's the one with the glasses. The other one is me. I've been Jerusalem bureau chief for Time Magazine and I'm now publishing a series of mystery novels about a Palestinian detective. I've never met the other Matt Rees, though I gather he's a nice fellow, so well done Nina Rees.

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