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Clinton Calls Tutoring Industry Terrorists Republican Contractors

Apparently trying to ease the NEA's pain at being called a terrorist organization, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton recently told an NEA audience that the tutoring industry was like "Halliburton all over again" (Clinton promises education improvements).

Halliburton doesn't have quite the same visceral bite as the "terrorist" line originally had, but it was definitely an effort to please the Democratic base, which has always viewed the NCLB tutoring provision as a watered-down version of vouchers (which it was). However, it's not like all teachers want the SES program to go away. Many of them teach in the after-school programs to make extra cash. They just want the programs to be better (than what?) and don't want the programs to be run by outside companies.

Over at EdBizBuzz, Marc Dean Millot takes another view, ascribing the vitriol to the tutoring industry's lack of coalition-building with moderate Democrats.


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