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AM News: Snow Days, DeVos Visits DCPS, & More


Education Secretary DeVos made her first visit to a school: Howard University washingtonpost.com/news/grade-poi…

Reaction in New York to Betsy DeVos? A Lot of Shrugs - The New York Times ow.ly/eFTg308SKJn
So Far, [Almost] No One Is Crossing The Aisle In The Trump Era | FiveThirtyEight ow.ly/kJga308SGwa#devos
Toomey defends vote to confirm Betsy DeVos | PhillyVoice ow.ly/2wPR308RvG4
Why Was Betsy DeVos the One Nominee Who Provoked Such Massive Opposition? ow.ly/jBF9308SJS1
A comprehensive list of what Betsy DeVos can — and can’t — do next - Vox ow.ly/HSBu308SJR1
It’s “di-voss” — a quick “di” like the first part of “did,” and “voss” like “the boss.” | Chalkbeat ow.ly/XX8f308SHm2
Christine Baranski Wants to Play Betsy DeVos on Saturday Night Live | Vanity Fair ow.ly/lSe3308RvK4
Biggest storm to hit the Northeast this winter closes schools, creates messy commute latimes.com/local/educatio…
How some Colorado schools are finding success with poor and minority students denverpost.com/2017/02/09/col…
Wisconsin Targets Wi-Fi, Busing, Teacher Staffing Woes With $30 Million for Underfunded Rural Schools the74million.org/article/wiscon…
House Republicans voted to block Obama-era education regulations - US News ow.ly/gunq308SFRZ
About That Bill Abolishing The Department Of Education npr.org/sections/ed/20…
Success Academy Keeps Schools Open Despite Citywide Snow Day: Gothamist ow.ly/LjRC308SGnL
UFT endorses de Blasio for re-election, saying they are headed for ‘another war’ | Chalkbeat ow.ly/wyNq308SGY4
Schools In The Nation's Capital Are Embarrassingly Segregated huffingtonpost.com/2017/02/08/was…

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