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Movies: "The Big Short" Says Teachers Blamed For Crashing Economy

There's an interesting, strange line at the end of the new film The Big Short, which chronicles the Wall Street doings that caused the economy to crash.

In a voiceover near the end of the film, Ryan Gosling tells us that while bigwigs got off without consequences for what they did leading up to the Great Recession, people blame "immigrants, the poor and for the first time teachers."

I'm certainly not the only one who noticed the inclusion of teachers among the list of the blamed. Some people loved it:

Others like the NY Post's Kyle Smith thought that teachers deserved more blame (‘The Big Short’ is a lot of Hollywood bull).

The Capital Times' Rob Thomas decided it was a swipe at Gov. Scott Walker.

To be honest, I wasn't clear who was blaming teachers for the collapse of Wall Street, or if they were what the argument might be. It seems pretty ridiculous -- or at least it's not something I can quite get my head around. (Common Core, on the other hand, was clearly part of the problem.)

Over at WND, Drew Zahn thinks the argument is off: "Nobody blames “immigrants and poor people and teachers” for the 2008 collapse." (Bernie Sanders movie to win an Oscar?)

But maybe that's being too literal. Even if nobody's blaming teachers for crashing the economy, there are certainly lots of folks who'd rather talk about public sector unions (and their pesky pensions), immigrants, and the poor rather than economic inequality, corporate profiteering, and political reform. 


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Unfortunately, you missed the entire point of the quote. It's not that "poor people, immigrants and teachers" were really to blame for the financial crisis. The character clearly says "..and every time the financial system blows up they blame the poor people, immigrants and for the first time, the teachers."

No teacher was being blamed for the Financial Crisis but the character was right--the bankers and Republicans have found a way to turn it all back on the least culpable people of all--poor people, immigrants and teachers.

The very people who can't recognize sarcasm when they hear it are the ones most in need of a TEACHER!

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