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AM News: Newark Students Protest Appointed Superintendent

Newark Students Camp Out Overnight at School to Protest Superintendent WSJ: Tuesday’s protest heated up when about a dozen students sat down on the floor in the front of  an evening session of the elected school advisory board. They shouted “hey ho, hey ho, Cami Anderson has got to go” and used the hashtag #OccupyNPS on Twitter to spread news of their sit-in at the district’s headquarters.

Math books claim to cover Common Core but don't, says prof Seattle Times: Greetings from Nashville, where I've been attending the 67th annual conference of the Education Writers Association.

More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White NYT: An estimated net 1.2 million Americans of the 35 million Americans identified in 2000 as of “Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin,” as the census form puts it, changed their race from “some other race” to “white” between the 2000 and 2010 censuses, according to research presented at an annual meeting of the Population Association of America and reported by Pew Research.

No Child Left Behind faceoff is high drama – but of little consequence Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: A battle over the Common Core State Standards has spawned the latest skirmish between the GOP-controlled Indiana State Board of Education and state Superintendent Glenda Ritz, a Democrat. 

Using dancers’ discipline as leaping off point for academics PBS NewsHour: It’s the culmination of a year’s work at the National Dance Institute of New Mexico, a program that aims to engage and motivate children to strive for excellence using the arts; 74 percent of the dancers come from low-income families; 85 percent are either Hispanic or Native American.

Need Scholarship? Join Scrum NYT: A growing number of high school students have discovered an alternative route to college through fringe sports like rugby.

More news below (and throughout the day at @alexanderrusso).

Teachers union: School closings brought broken promises for students WBEZ Chicago: Chicago Public Schools has spent more than $80 million in operational dollars related to school closings. The union has a report out today that says just a tenth of that has made it to kids’ classrooms. Ninety percent went to things like security along school routes, fees to moving companies, and staff layoff costs.

Michelle Obama promotes arts education CBS News: Making a forceful plea about the role of arts in education, first lady MichelleObama on Tuesday argued arts education isn't something to be introduced in schools after student test scores go up, but is a critical part of better test ...

Fairfax County’s Stuart High struggles on teacher survey Washington Post: More than 75 percent of teachers in Fairfax County high schools find their school’s leadership to be effective and more than 85 percent find their school to be a good place to work and learn, according to a recent 2014 working conditions survey.

Ousted opponent of LA schools iPad fights to regain seat on oversight committee KPCC LA: But Magruder said voters clearly meant for the $19 billion loans to be used to maintain and build schools, not to buy "the modern equivalent of pencils and paper." He said his ouster was political retribution.

City's low-income students among highest achievers BatSun: Most education research suggests that students at Hamilton Elementary and Thomas Johnson Middle would be handicapped by their low-income backgrounds.

Settlement reached for 3 killed in school shooting AP: The families of the three teenagers killed in a 2012 school shooting rampage have agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against relatives of the killer, with each of the estates receiving about $890,000....


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Re: your No Child Left Behind and Common Core stories: all of this hullabaloo doesn't matter if most of the country is busy implementing standards that won't raise achievement to the point where American youth can compete with those in other countries so as to entice employers to establish jobs here. The big problem is the festering corpse that is No Child Left Behind. What we need is for Congress to rewrite the Elementary and Secondary Education Act by using a different approach to educational legislation, one more in line with the UK's Education Act 2011, which is reforming examinations that lead to qualifications, a concept the U.S.A. regularly ignores in education (however, employers don't ignore it in hiring). Better legislation could lead to genuinely internationally competitive standards, which would then be worth aligning (digital) textbooks to.

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