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Research: Minority Students Get Less Experienced/Less Effective Teachers

image from i.huffpost.com In Louisiana,“a student in a school in the highest-poverty quartile is almost three times as likely to be taught by a teacher rated ineffective as a student in a school in the lowest-poverty quartile.” In MA, students in high-poverty schools are three times as likely to be taught by a teacher rated "unsatisfactory" than students in low-poverty schools, the report notes. (CAP via HuffPost: Minority Students Don't Only Get Less Experienced Teachers, They Also Get Less Effective Ones).


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Staffing in many of these schools is certainly a problem, but I think it's an open question the extent to which the "effectiveness gap" is really just a result of bias in evaluation measures. Teachers may well appear more ineffective in harder-to-staff schools, all else being equal, but that doesn't necessarily mean they *are* less effective. (Though it might.)

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