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AM News: Teachers Compromise In CA -- Seek More Clout In NY


New bill to streamline teacher dismissal process may succeed where others failed KPCC LA: The bill proposes that one administrative law judge hear egregious misconduct cases,  instead of a three-person panel.  It also calls for litigants to have no access to the Superior Court for suspension appeals.

New Head of StateTeachers Union Seeks Greater Political Clout WNYC: Magee told delegates over the weekend that she would be more vocal than her predecessor: “It is time for NYSUT to exert itself as a powerful political force once again."

Obama Announces Grants to Schools to Integrate Work Experiences NYT: President Obama traveled to a high school in the Washington suburbs on Monday to announce the winners of $107 million in grants intended to update curriculums to better integrate work experiences and real-world learning opportunities. See also KPCC LA, ChalkbeatNY.

Duncan urges top students to teach at GW panel Washington Post: The event Monday was part of a recruitment program — TEACH — that is planned to extend to 21 college campuses to encourage high-achieving students to pursue professions in education. TEACH pairs the Education Department with national education organizations, teacher associations and corporations such as Microsoft and State Farm in working to recruit future educators.

More news below (and throughout the day at @alexanderrusso).

GOP Senators: No More Money for Common Core PK12:Ten Republican senators don't want to see another dime of federal money going to states in exchange for adopting certain academic standards. That includes the Common Core State Standards, now embraced by 45 states and the District of Columbia. The senators also don't want any more federal funding going to develop assessments that go along with the common core, or any other set of standards.

Uncle Sam Out: Senators Demand Feds Keep Dollars Away from Standards State EdWatch: U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts (R) and other federal lawmakers want to "prohibit federal interference in determining state education standards and curriculum."

Common Core has students writing — on just about every subject Hechinger Report: Much to the delight of writing enthusiasts, the curriculum standards known as the Common Core stress the importance of students’ putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) across all subject areas. 

Education Writers Association honors top scribes AP: There were more than 400 entries in the 26 categories that include investigative, opinion, data and beat reporting. Up to three prizes were selected for some of the categories. The awards went to various outlets including general newsrooms, broadcasters, magazines, weeklies, education organizations and experts.


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President Obama's grant program to support improved vocational education in the nation's high schools is absolutely a step in the right direction. Some of us who played a leading role in bringing Green Dot Public Schools to Locke High School wanted to upgrade the vocational opportunities available to Locke students, and expected to be able to have productive conversations with Green Dot management about that possibility; but Green Dot was determined to try out its college-for-everybody model on a comprehensive public high school, and those who did not agree with its management philosophy were pushed out. Now the Obama administration is waking up to the consequences of the nationalization of this "civil rights" policy: an entire generation deeply indebted, with record defaults and a destabilized economy on the way.

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