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Charts: Vouchers Coming Back (Should You Be Alarmed?)

image from images.politico.comFourteen states already spend about $1 billion to send kids to private schools, reports Politico's Stephanie Simon.

As presented, this is an alarming notion (they're teaching Creationism!) that should be of concern to all.

However, some caution may be appropriate, too.

A billion dollars is a tiny amount, given then $500B-plus annual spending on education.

The number/percentage is much higher in higher ed, where we already have a mixed (public-private) system.

Some parochial schools do a better job than local district schools).

Most private and parochial schools aren't teaching Creationism.  


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It's apples and oranges -- you can't say with integrity or accuracy that some parochial schools do a "better job" than public schools.

As a quintessential (and very common) example, a highly thought-of parochial school in San Francisco dumped a dying kindergartner with multiple disabilities on my kids' public school, which welcomed her into the school community and supported the family through the little girl's life and death (a couple of years later). (The family's older kids continued to attend the parochial school, which accepted the non-disabled kids and their tuition money. Presumably the family thought the parochial school was doing a "better job" for the kids it didn't kick down the front steps.)

So is that parochial school doing a "better job" than my kids' public school? Discuss among yourselves.

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