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AM News: LA Charters Soar, Indiana Bowing Out

Study: Los Angeles charter schools outperform traditional district schools KPCC: According to the study, charter school students receive the equivalent of about 50 more days of learning in reading and 79 days of math than students in traditional public schools. The report also showed impressive results for Hispanic charter school students, especially students living in poverty. See also LASR

In Debate on Charter Schools, Hybrids Offer an Answer NYT: If the mayor’s messaging were more robust, determined and aggressive, he might draw attention to hybrid schools, which strive to offer poor children something like the experience of a private education within the context of the traditional public system, using union teachers.

Sec. of Education Arne Duncan Explains What Dissatisfied States Can Do About Common Core The Blaze: “They absolutely have the right to do this,” Duncan told TheBlaze. “This is a state-led effort; it always has been, always will be. And whatever Indiana decides, we want to work with them to make sure that students have a chance to be successful.”

Common Core practice test delayed [by a weekEdSource: Just days before students in California and 21 other states were set to begin field-testing the new student assessment aligned with Common Core State Standards, the group developing the exam announced it’s being pushed back a week to ensure all systems are go.

Obama to promote education agenda at Miami school Palm Beach Post: As part of an effort to broaden access to education, Obama was announcing that, starting in the fall, the Education Department will begin working with states to identify students who have not completed the form. 

Undercover TV Reports on School Security Raise Ethical Questions NYT: School shootings have prompted efforts by news organizations in recent months to assess the effectiveness of safety measures, but some of these reports have gone disturbingly wrong.

More news below (and throughout the day at @alexanderrusso).

Does Teaching Kids To Get 'Gritty' Help Them Get Ahead? NPR: Education circles are abuzz with a new concept: that resilience and persistence are just as important as intelligence to predicting student success and achievement. But can "grit" actually be taught?

Chicago Public Schools briefly posts plans to market, sell shuttered schools WBEZ: At the end of February, Chicago Public Schools quietly posted notice that it wanted to hire a real estate broker to help the district offload dozens of vacant buildings left by the historic closure of 50 schools. 

Bloomberg Defends Policies in Couric Interview ABC: NYC ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg defends education policies, soda ban in Katie Couric interview.

Mayor Garcetti's top education deputy Thelma Meléndez leaves City Hall LA Daily News: Just seven months after joining Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's administration, his top education deputy Thelma Meléndez is leaving to take a position at Los Angeles Unified School District, a district spokesman said Saturday.

DC leads nation in growth of free breakfasts for schoolchildren Washington Post: The number of K-12 students receiving free breakfast at school is rising across the country, and the District is seeing the fastest growth, compared to all 50 states. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of students ...

Protests As Seattle Schools Face Staffing Cuts Seattle Public Radio: The staff at 31 Seattle public schools have voted down their schools’ proposed budgets to protest job cuts the district is calling for at schools this fall.


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Re: Secretary Duncan and the Common Core: running the U.S. Department of Education as if it were the Gates Foundation may prove to be the kiss of death for the Common Core and for the current version of education reform in general. Education reform in the United States has been off-track for about six years now, and until we get some new leadership in the DOE, there's not much hope for fundamental improvement. As things stand, a new generation is becoming debt-indentured by means of college loans being pushed by the Obama administration in a manner that is screwing up the college finance market in a manner eerily parallel to the Bush administration's undermining of the real estate market with its policy of expanding home ownership, which was to be the marquee domestic policy of his second term, before Hurricane Katrina came along and trashed his domestic agenda and what remained of his reputation.

I certainly agree with your comments that the U.S. Department of Education has been need of alignment for years. Common Core is another reform by "the powers that be" whom are out of touch with the reality of education.

Thank you for your words of support, Tiffany.

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