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Video: Getting In Trouble At School Used To Mean After-School Detention

"Kids Today Have It Hard" The Advancement Project via Upworthy (ugh).


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Schools usually have a natural incentive to get rid of trouble-making pupils, who at some point feel worth less than the state-provided money to educate them justifies; but unless we're going to kill them, where are we as a society going to put them?

The Netherlands ranks highest among countries in child well-being, and it and other northern European countries give us a hint as to how we might proceed in their differentiated secondary education systems. Rather than trying to keep an overgrown Sunday school class together on a journey towards a symbolic but a virtually economically worthless, 20th-century comprehensive "high school graduation" (and then basically abandoning them the very next day), they begin earlier, in middle school, to gradually move youth along paths that lead to social outcomes all more viable than the prison-prep ghettos America tolerates in its social policies and practices.

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