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Pop Culture: Pretty Soon, Kanye West Is Going To Have A Charter, Too

image from www.washingtonpost.comThe Washington Post magazine notes that a small but growing number of celebrities start, support, and even send their kids to charter schools these days:

"The Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy started in Las Vegas in 2001. Oprah Winfrey spent $40 million to open her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa in 2007, and has donated millions to other charters domestically. Former NBA star (and ESPN commentator) Jalen Rose founded the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit in 2011. Prime Prep Academy, co-founded by former NFL star (and current NFL Network analyst) Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, opened campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth in 2012. Pop star John Legend is vice chairman of the board for the Harlem Village Academies, and Hugh Jackman and Katie Couric are board members. Sandra Bullock (born in Arlington, living in New Orleans) was awarded the People’s Choice Favorite Humanitarian Award in 2013 for her contributions to the Warren Easton Charter High School in the Crescent City."

I think there a few more, including the charters celebrities support or send their kids to in LA (it's fairly common there), and of course the actor who portrays Mike Gomez in Breaking Bad. Magic Johnson?

Of course, as the article points out, the results are mixed (Pitbull’s school: star promotes a radical idea for at-risk kids). Via EdWeek's Mark Walsh.


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I think that it is amazing that celebrities are investing there money and time in charter schools in the United States! Education is the most important aspect of any child's life. A child that is enrolled in a charter school has the opportunity to become advanced in there studies and also get a one on one instruction from there teachers. More celebrities should get more involved with eduation and schools! It will make the schools much better! Thanks

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