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Morning Video: DC Mayor Touts Early Childhood (With Duncan Assist)


DC's City Paper notes that EdSec Duncan makes a cameo appearance  -- in Mayor Vincent Gray's latest education video, and that his predecessor worked hard to get an endorsement from Duncan (but never apparently got one).


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This is the right level of government -- roughly the county level, although an educationally sovereign city like Washington or a huge one, larger than most counties, like New York, should be considered equivalent -- at which to tackle any expansion of early childhood education, an inherently vital one but also one which the federal government, which has proved itself for many years now to be incompetent with respect to elementary and secondary education (has anyone forgotten No Child Left Behind, and does anyone outside the administration think waivers a satisfactory substitute for a federal law they are constitutionally required to execute?), is ill-suited to effect. We should be providing early childhood education for our poorer fellow citizens as a means towards more equal opportunity and a better educated society, but until the federal government can regain the trust of Americans with the timely revision of broken existing laws, it should not be trusted with universal schemes we cannot afford.

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