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AM News: Preschool Spreading Even In Republican-Controlled States


Preschool Push Moving Ahead in Many States NYT: States and cities across the country are forging ahead on their own with proposals aimed at expanding early education programs.

A new entitlement? The right to preschool AP: Republican governors and lawmakers who now control a majority of state capitols have been pushing aggressively to cut spending and shrink government - with one glaring exception....

Aggressive public relations campaign amplifies courtroom battle against teacher work rules - by Louis Freedberg EdSource Today: California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel says his organization, representing more than 300,000 teachers, has no intention of trying to counteract what he described as a campaign funded by the bottomless pockets of the “billionaires boys club.”

South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Parent-Trigger Bill for School Districts EdWeeK: Frustrated South Carolina parents hope a proposed state law will give them the power to ask state officials to oust their local school superintendent. Also:  Campaign Prompts Leadership Change *Without* Parent-Trigger Law.

Many NYC Students Take Another Snow Day WNYC: Fewer New York City public schools students went to class on Monday than normal, but attendance was still higher than other days this year when weather affected attendance.

Study: Shy Kids Know the Answer—They Just Won't Say It Out Loud Atlantic Education: After examining 408 same-sex twin pairs at the ages of 14, 20, and 24 months, the researchers found that inhibited kids didn't actually know less—they were simply less eager to express their knowledge out loud. The researchers call this the "I know it but won't say it" model. 

Congressman: Many colleges are misleading students about financial aid requirements WP: A prominent House Democrat charged Monday that more than 100 colleges and universities, including some in the nation’s capital, are providing students with unclear or potentially misleading information about what forms they must submit to apply for federal financial aid.

Texas Overhauls Textbook Approval To Ease Tensions Over Evolution NPR: The state Board of Education has decided to curtail the use of citizen review panels and instead give educators priority in selecting textbooks.

The High Cost Of Testing For College NPR: You think college is expensive? How about the cost of SAT and AP tests? Ben Tonelli, a senior at Garfield High School in Seattle, wrote an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal complaining about the costs. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Tonelli about the sticker shock.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's High School English Teacher Pays Tribute To The 'Extraordinary' Actor HuffPost EDU: In an interview with WHEC, Baynes recalls Hoffman's performance in a school production of "Death of a Salesman," saying, "It was clear to everyone at that point that Phil was an extraordinary and gifted talent." Hoffman played the lead role of Willy Loman before an audience of his high school peers; 

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Regarding the Vergara suit: CTA's years of stonewalling pretty much every attempt to improve education here in California (other than those to send more money to our existing mediocre state schools, and, by extension, into their own pockets), and of responding to critiques of very real problems with minds on autopilot, have now turned on them to pose a very real threat to what remains of the previous educational status quo in this state. I invited them, and the state senate, in my trip to Sacramento last spring, to come to the table and negotiate more modern teacher appraisal legislation instead of having these matters decided in court, but they had the relevant state senate committee so intimidated that our motion passed three to zero -- with six abstentions, which meant that it failed -- in a state whose elected leaders thereby ceded their moral authority to provide protection to California's children to this court.

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