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Quotes: "No More Talk About Scared White Suburban Moms"

Quotes2Stay positive and relentlessly talk about how the new standards are rigorous and will help prepare our kids for college and career. No more talk about Tea Partiers, conspiracy theories, the D.C. bubble, the blogosphere or scared white suburban moms. Defend Common Core on its merits. - Andy Smarick giving advice to Arne Duncan and other Common Core supporters in Politico's story this morning.


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Individuals quoting Smarick need to state that he works with Bellwether an organization founded and populated by hedge-fund managers and venture capitalists with ties to NewSchools Venture Fund. They have particular interests in spinning any opinions/articles or "research" in their interests which are voucher only and charter schools. Smarick worked for Bush's era when NCLB devised inadequate programs such as NCLB which have taken a toll on the schools and students; Arne Duncan is continuing these wrong-headed policies .

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