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Genius: Who's Next For A MacArthur Award?

YesnochartSo Angela Duckworth is one of this year's Macarthur "genius" grant winners -- she's the UPENN researcher behind much of the research into grit and self-restraint.  (Speaking of which, I took the grit test online and got a score of 1.5 -- making me one of the least gritty people in the universe.)

Past Macarthur winners with education connections include the Deborah Bial (founder of Posse), Roland Fryer (whose cash for grades program seems to be working better, now), and Amir Abo-Shaeeer (who?).  I've also written about if and when Wendy Kopp will win one.  

I'm sure there are folks who think Diane Ravitch should be recognized.  Any others, whether you agree with them or not? Common Core honcho David Coleman, I could imagine him getting one.  

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Deborah Meier was first in 1987.

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