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Charts: K12 Inc. A Bad Deal For Schools -- And Investors?

image from images.politico.com
Here's an eye-grabbing revenue growth chart from the recent Politico story about the growth and spread of K12, Inc (despite effectiveness questions).  You might also check out Whitney Tilson's recent "short" recommendation against the company -- assumedly on financial grounds as well as effectiveness ones.

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Here is Whitney's follow-up, in which he's embarrassed by his own ignorance and silence on this issue ...

"K12 and its ilk are giving the entire reform movement a bad name. They have cleverly positioned themselves as champions of charter schools, parental choice, and blended learning, with the result that their terrible schools and various bad acts give our enemies endless fodder to attack us and drag us all down."


K12 is making reformers look bad. Yep, but only them?

Not Tony "A's for donors" Bennett?

Not Michelle "memo, what memo?" Rhee?

Not Paul "rules are for thee, not me" Vallas?

Not Rod "no, for real, we had a 0% dropout rate in Houston ISD" Paige?

Not Ben "millions in real estate and consulting deals for my wife and me" Chavis?

Not Mike "interfering with internal investigations" Miles?

Yeah, K12 is really making the reformers look bad. Ha ha ha.

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