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AM News: USDE Nixes NYC Charter Schools' Diversity Effort


Facing federal funding freeze, Success to nix lottery preference GothamSchools: The charter school network is making the revision under pressure from the U.S. Department of Education, which has mandated the change as a condition to continue receiving $15 million in grants aimed at helping Success expand its reach.

Rhee Joining Town Hall Meeting with Teachers in LA LA School Report: A panel of education reformers, including StudentsFirst founder Michelle Rhee, is holding a town hall meeting later today in Los Angeles, where they will take...

Seattle Teachers Approve Contract, Avert Strike TeacherBeat: With a show of hands last night, Seattle teachers voted to approve a new two-year contract, ending the possibility of a strike and ensuring that students returned to school on time today.

Family income not a factor as students eat free AP: Some students toted lunchboxes to the first day of school in Boston this week, but district administrators are expecting that could become a more unusual sight as parents learn about a federal program that is now providing all public school students in the city with free breakfast and lunch....

Ranking Schools Based On What Matters NPR: President Obama recently proposed a new college ranking system, based on more than test scores. The Washington Monthly has been doing that for years. Host Michel Martin finds out more.

In This Online Psychology Class, the Key Words Are Real Time NYT: This year taking Introduction to Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin can be done online and in real time, even if you aren’t a U.T. student.

Rise Is Seen in Students Who Use E-Cigarettes NYT: The increased popularity of e-cigarettes among middle and high school students is prompting concerns that the devices could be creating new health problems.

 The only frog dissections PETA wants in LA Unified schools are virutal ones KPCC: With the Los Angeles Unified School District's push into iPads in schools, animal rights group PETA wants the district to stop dissecting real animals and instead dissect virtual ones. It's offering the district a free app to simulate dissections. 


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I think that it is great that Boston is giving students free lunch without a hassle. Many families cant afford to pay for their childs lunch. Some children dont get the opportunity to eat when they leave school and lunch may be their last meal. Some children arent fed the proper nutrition that they need and its sometimes left up to the school to give them the necessary needs.
The only thing that i wish the system cwould change is the fact that the U.S Department of Agriculture has qualifications. For example it was stated that the school has to have at least fourty percent of students who are getting food stamps or some type of federal assistance for them to qualify and i dont think its fair. Just because a family has a certain average income doesnt mean that they can afford to buy lunch and breakfast for their children every day.

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