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AM News: Reform Critics Slam Race To The Top

News2Race To The Top Competition Deemed 'Impossible' In New Report Huffington Post: The 100-page report, released Thursday, argues that policies should tackle the effects of poverty while simultaneously making schools better. By not targeting out-of-school factors like nutrition and parental income, the report says, and by focusing on teacher evaluation systems that often result in harsh consequences without much useful feedback, Race to the Top goals are severely mismatched with its policies.'

Race to the Top’ for education a flop, report finds Politico: Most winning states made what the Broader, Bolder Approach to Education labeled “unrealistic and impossible” promises to boost student achievement in exchange for prizes that were ultimately paltry in comparison with their pledges.

MOOCs keep getting bigger. But do they work? Hechinger/TIME: Hailed by politicians and journalists as the affordable future of higher education, the MOOC is neither fashion accessory nor smartphone app. It’s a massive open online course—a college class available for free online to tens of thousands of people at once.

California Moves to Scrap ‘No Child’ Testing, Despite U.S. Threat WSJ: California lawmakers approved a bill that would scrap the state’s current student-testing program, despite an Obama administration threat to pull federal dollars from the state if the legislation becomes law. The bill—which California Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign—would immediately end the annual California Standards Tests in reading and math.

Ore. judge rejects new sentence for school shooter AP: An Oregon judge ruled Thursday that a 112-year sentence is not cruel and unusual punishment for Kip Kinkel, who was convicted of killing four people and wounding 25 others as a 15-year-old high school student in 1998...

Second Grader's Dreadlocks Cause For Concern? NPR: Seven-year-old Tiana Parker was told her dreadlocks defied her school's dress code. Her story went viral and an outpouring of support came from all over the world. Host Michel Martin speaks with her father, Terrance Parker, about his daughter's hairstyle, and the unexpected fallout.

Kindergarten Applications Going Digital NYT: Next year, New York City parents will be able to submit one electronic form for multiple schools.

Q-Comp 2.0: a creative proposal to drive teacher quality MinnPost: If you think about the ongoing contract talks between Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and its teachers union, there’s a good chance you think of logjams and acrimony. Or of the contract’s inexplicable capacity for getting longer and longer without making anyone truly happy.


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If Governor Brown can get California's senators to help bring the rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to the floor in the Senate, and if the Senate bill can be properly amended to remove as much of No Child Left Behind as possible and can get passed, the resulting bill could be reconciled with the House version and sent to President Obama for his signature. If the president signed the bill, we would all be spared the continuing, needless drama of asking the DOE for annual waivers and even for waivers of waivers, and equal protection under the law might once more be forthcoming from the education department; if he didn't, his defiance of the will of Congress in preference for a law whose reauthorization is seven years overdue might result in a zeroing out of the budget for the U.S. Department of Education.

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