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Afternoon Video: Lousiana Gov. Slams Obama Voucher Decision

Is he talking about the USDOJ voucher position or about Common Core?  It's har d to tell (via HuffPost: Louisiana Voucher Lawsuit Opposition Aligns Minority Families With Republican Politicians)

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The push back against this administration's domestic policies is in full swing, and unless corrected, will result in our country's second consecutive failed administration, something we can scarcely afford. President Obama started well, in terminating the economic free fall he inherited from his predecessor (who inherited the strongest country in the history of the world from his predecessor); but since then mistakes have mounted, and the president chose to retain some of his weakest cabinet secretaries for his second term while adopting a more aggressively partisan stance to domestic affairs, which appear to millions of us to be continually degrading. It's possible that the ruling class in the New York-Washington corridor is badly out of touch with the ache pervading so much of the country after a Great Recession and no recovery.

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