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Reform: Secrets To Winning Elected School Board Races

image from www.scholastic.comHere's a bit of my latest column for Scholastic Administrator about the lessons for other school districts from the last year of turmoil in LA:

Candidate credibility matters to voters. Newspaper endorsements *can* make a real difference. Campaign money isn't magic. Internal polling can be *very* misleading. Absentee ballots and walking precincts matter.

To read the whole thing, cruise on over: Lessons from L.A.

Then come back here and disagree (or agree) with me. 

Image via Scholastic.


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An excellent synopsis of what it takes to run and to win elected School Board seats today. I've run 3 school board campaigns and may take on a fourth. The advice you offered might not have been accurate in 2006, 2008 but, as you note, this is what it has evolved to. You're spot on.

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