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Maps: Harder Tests (NY, KY) & Higher Cut Scores (IL, TN, MI)

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 2.58.00 PMBy now you know that NY and KY have revamped their tests and reported out new (lower) test score results.  

But what about everybody else?  

A couple of states like IL and TN and Michigan have ratched up their cut scores on existing tests as a way of getting folks ready for new assessments.  (The tests are old, but the requirements are higher and in theory somewhat close to what they're going to be like under Common Core assessments.)  

The rest -- so far as I know -- are waiting until this year to make more changes.  

Here's a map from Achieve showing what states said they were doing as of December.  Scroll down to page 28.  Tell them Alexander sent you.


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Wisconsin went with higher cut scores last year.

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