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Afternoon Video: Machines Are Stealing Our Jobs (But It's OK)


Human-replacing technology is nothing new, and not to be feared (unless it's your job that's being replaced and you're unwilling or unable to do something new). Via The Atlantic video channel. Also -- PBS NewsHour segment on a summer school program in Rhode Island is scheduled for tonight.


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Americans accepting robots to do our jobs for us while we struggle is still an astonishing, shocking thought to me. Of course technology & new inventions are very essential in progress of many different things but have we seriously got to the point to where we use robots & other human technology for everything!? while our american people struggle?. I'm pretty sure the job rate has decreased a little more due to so much technology doing things for us that we are not only capable of but too lazy to do. I'm a huge fan of technology, just recently preordered a play station 4 & feel that Sony is an awesome company but i'm pretty sure the day when Sony starts to make unnecessary things such as a PlayStation that can bring you food or go to work for you is very close.I wonder if America as we know it is already metaphorically being taken over by the robots & technology we "love" & continue to create....think about it.

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