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Afternoon Video: Should Spanish-Speaking Students Be Taught in English Only?

Watch Should Spanish-Speaking Students Be Taught in English Only? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

PBS NewsHour | July 18, 2013 | PBS.

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Absolutely not! I do not think that Spanish speaking students should only be taught in English. Ok, granted they are in an English speaking country with the majority of the people speaking English but even still they should never be robbed of their 1st language. That to me is unrealistic. Makes me feel as though they would only be able to speak it at home or around others who could only speak it back. I feel like this because being taught only one language would definitely make a child feel as though it’s not okay to speak what they were originally bought up to speak.

Why focus on spanish? Even though its the primary language there, there are almost a hundred different languages spoken by students in LAUSD. Not robbing those kids of their native language would be a teacher-hiring logistical nightmare (not that it might not be a good idea).
Anyway, teaching in english only in school would not rob them of the language because it is spoken at home anyway.
I do think teaching in english only probably increases the incidence of reported learning 'disabilities' due to inability to be able to accurately assess a child's learning status when trying to do it in a language they dont know (duh!). But learning a new language cant be achieved unless you have to use it.

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