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Media: Parent Trigger Group Launches "Truth" Site

image from distilleryimage4.s3.amazonaws.comDoing what it seems like someone on the reform side of the debate has needed to do for many months now, the earnest folks at Parent Revolution have just launched a site they hope will help debunk some of the abundant reform criticism that's out there (especially surrounding the parent trigger).  

The site is called Truth in Education Reform and its stated aim is “ferreting out and debunking the conspiracy theories and provable lies… that collectively threaten to overcome sensible debate on education policy and ed reform.”

The site’s initial focus will be on attempting to debunk claims made by Diane Ravitch, who earlier this month quasi-apologized for calling Parent Revolution head Ben Austin “loathsome” and on Friday penned another critique of the parent trigger (which as of Monday afternoon had already attracted 60+ comments).

For a taste of the challenge TIER faces, check out the comments following a brief post about the new site at LA School Report.  Whether or not Parent Revolution is up to the task of doing daily battle with Ravitch, Valerie Strauss and their allies is not yet clear. My guess is that if StudentsFirst, DFER, and others aren't up to the task of making sure that reform isn't being Swift Boated -- so far, none of them has really stepped up on the "rapid response" front -- then Parent Revolution won't be able to pull this off either. 

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We've got the 9/11 Truthers -- they're crazy. Then there are Obama Birth Certificate Truthers. They're crazy, too.

Now Parent-trigger truthers? It's an answer to our prayer to turn the ankles of public school and our nation's enemies, so we can tell them by their limping.

Who says prayer doesn't work?

Ben Austin won't talk to reporters or anyone else with a question. His actions have all the signs of Richard Nixon's Rat F---ing teams, without the charm, style, manners or ethics.

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