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AM News: Ability Grouping Returns (Not Everyone Abandoned It)

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Grouping Students by Ability Regains Favor With Educators NYT: Separating the highest-achieving students from the lowest, a tactic once said to perpetuate inequality, is now seen by some educators as an indispensable way to cope with varying skill levels.

Gates Foundation looking to make nice with teachers Seattle Times: Though widely viewed as a critic of teachers and their unions, the world’s largest foundation has begun reaching out to them in new ways, sending the message it wants to be their friend — and their champion.

Arne Duncan To Launch 'High School Redesign' Competition Huffington Post: Now, after months of questions over what form that competition would take, U.S. Secretary of EducationArne Duncan is announcing the details. 

To Lower Dropout Rates, Finding Potential Where Support Systems Are Lacking PBS NewsHour: It's just after 9:00 a.m. when Rachel Bennett greets her third period students. Bennett is a high school Spanish teacher here at Perspectives Leadership Academy. But this is the one class she teaches each day where nobody learns Spanish.

In Middlebury, Vt., Teens Train For Careers In The 'A.R.T.'s NPR: A successful Broadway set builder took his theater skills back to New England. At the tiny Addison Repertory Theater, a part of the Hannaford Career Center, he teaches all aspects of professional theater to students.

For Homebound Students, a Robot Proxy in the Classroom NYT: A small but growing number of chronically ill students are attending school virtually with robots, which stream two-way video to connect them to the classroom.

14Year Old Graduate Is Bound for Harvard NBC: Tennessee 14 year old has already graduated college and is now set to begin work on her Master's Degree at Harvard.

Video: Testing your commitment to education msnbc: How many teachers need to stage protests before the rest of us learn that standardized tests are not the best way to ensure our kids get educated? The Nation’s John Nichols joins Joy Reid with the political answer sheet. (The Ed Show)

Detroit Finds New Uses for Old School Buildings ABC News: Detroit finds new uses for old schools buildings, including movie theater, recording studio

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Mr. Gates's commentary in the New York Times did give hope to some of us who believe that education reform began going off track in the United States when Mr. Gates read Professor Tom Kane's Hamilton Project paper and made some overly broad inferences from it, a mistake the Gates Foundation has not yet clearly acknowledged. I believe that as teachers, however, we have to believe in people's abilities to learn, and that includes rich philanthropists.

Training middle school teachers such as Ms. Poindexter to help students meet the Common Core standards in English would be a fine initiative, one that I would like to help the Gates Foundation out with, if they would have me.

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