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Afternoon Video: Duncan Talks About District NCLB Waiver


Here's Duncan's appearance in SF on Friday, during which he apparently said nice things about Governor Jerry Brown (with whom he's battled regularly for the last four years) and about the district NCLB waiver application. Via EdSource Daily.


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Re: equity and college completion, categories in which the United States either ranks low or is slipping: northern Europe and Canada provide leading models in these categories. Equalizing opportunities for college completion is highly ambitious, since inequality began far back in history, as Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel" brilliantly demonstrates. Inequities among children begin before they go to school; indeed, they begin before they are conceived, often around the time when their parents first begin dating, which is part of my motivation for preferring single-sex middle schools, and for repressing American secondary schools' cultural obsession with socializing via proms and so on. More fortunate children have their parents meet in college, or afterward; and this implies necessary shifts in the cultures of our secondary schools.

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