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Afternoon Video: California Teachers Union Roars Back

There was some thought that the CTA (and CFT) would take a somewhat kinder, gentler approach in 2013, having taken a beating (on Anderson Cooper's CNN show, among other places) for blocking a 2012 bill that would have helped remove teachers like those at Miramonte Elementary in LA who were accused of sexual crimes against students.  

The most obvious example was the introduction of a compromise bill on teacher dismissals that was endorsed by the teachers unions and is already making its way through the statehouse despite some concerns that it is too weak. 

But then, over the weekend, the unions seemed back to their us-against-them rhetoric and the state Democratic party seemed just as beholden to the teachers as ever in the past:  the California Democratic Convention refused Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson exhibition space (citing space constraints), gave CTA president Dean Vogel time to deliver this fiery anti-reform speech, and passed this anti-reform resolution.

LA Times:  California Democrats Blast Efforts to Overhaul Schools


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This monopolist's intolerant reaction to alternative thinking within his party just might give Republicans hope of Democratic self-destruction. While I don't expect such large repercussions from a single foolish speech and resolution, the Democrats need to find a way to avoid looking as if they're saying that the schools are fine just as they are. Their resolution doesn't say that, but is so heavily weighted towards a smear campaign distorting the views of other Democrats they don't agree with that any positive suggestions are buried in their message. Will anyone outside the convention hall have more confidence in state education as a result of speeches like this? It provides yet another reason for Californians to take their children and run for cover, rather than send them to schools managed by educators like these.

Did you also miss the RNC resolution, that was passed last Friday?

My sides hurt from laughing, over the RNC being just as beholden to the teacher unions as ever.

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