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Charts: What The Rich Think About Education

Check out the poll results below, which are a followup on Friday's post and discussion about wealthy liberals' abandonment of education reform critics: As you can see, wealthy people -- liberal and conservative alike -- have somewhat different views on education than the general public:

image from journals.cambridge.org
To be sure, the wealthy lean to the right when it comes to ideology, so it's not even-Steven in terms of access to cash.   As the paper notes, "about twice as many of our respondents considered themselves Republicans (58 percent) as considered themselves Democrats (27 percent)."

Then again, there's no shortage of liberal wealthy individuals -- take a look at the Democratic fundraising operation during the 2012 campaign for a sense of that -- and sometimes conservative fatcats create philanthropies that support liberal-leaning causes -- like the Ford Foundation's funding of this week's PBS show, "180 Days."

Thanks again to Sarah Reckhow for pointing me to this article. 


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These stats illustrate what many if us already knew, It is unfortunate that until someone witnesses the realities of inequality themselves that it's still easy to believe America is a country where access is inevitable.It isn't. So much is left up to chance. Success, and I am not talking about those few exceptions, is largely dependent on where you're from, who your parents are, and how much money you start out with. The American Dream is more of a marketing strategy than a reality.

The statics do not amaze me, of course they don't want the same option to be avaliable to blacks and minorities.The thought of "knowledge is power", and to give a blacks and the so called poor man power the whites and the world has always feared. Every child should have the right to equal eduacation. There are so many kids if they had the funds for a better eduacation would take advantage and become greatly successful. People need to get over color and social levels, a child can' help what situation they are born into. So why punish them, because they are from a lower income class!

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