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Weekend Reading: Holes In Obama's School Safety Proposals

The Obama plan to help schools pay for armed security is going to make things worse.  (And why he didn't go after violent video games).  Preschool only helps the poor.  (And Reggio Emilia should be offered to the poor, not just the rich.) SIG principals worry about losing funding. "Innovation" used to be the answer to all our problems -- what happened?  All this and more in this past weekend's magazine and longform updates:

How Obama's Proposal to Help Schools Hire More Police Might Make the School-to-Prison Pipeline Worse ow.ly/gY5qi @jbouie

ALSO Why Obama Didn’t Go After the Video-Game Industry - Businessweek ow.ly/gYi2V

Research suggests that preschool only benefits children from disadvantaged families - Slate Magazineow.ly/gY5li

ALSO Reggio Emilia is popular at posh American schools - wldn't it make more sense to use it with poor kids?ow.ly/gWL83

Chicago HS principal worries about losing reading specialists SIG grant pays for ow.ly/gXeta    @MarketplaceAPM @kairyssdal

Innovation pessimism: Has the ideas machine broken down? | The Economist ow.ly/gYgtu

Just 159 gazillionaires like Jeffrey Katzenberg & Fred Eychaner supplied 60pct of all superPAC donations -Mothers Jones ow.ly/gY6Bf

School Kicks Out Sophomore in RFID Student-ID Flap | Threat Level | Wired.com ow.ly/gYi80


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