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Movies: "Won't Back Down" Makes "Worst Flops" List

"Won't Back Down"

It wasn't quite the worst performer of the year, but the Viola Davis/ Maggie Gyllenhall movie made BuzzFeed's list for 2012 (The Year's 15 Biggest Flops).  Question is, will the Matt Damon movie do any better?


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Well, maybe Matt Damon's movie isn't as horrible and obvious as this one. At least I hop... I mean... hope... that's the case.

I am grateful for the movie, Won't Back Down. As a mother of an ADHD child who has fought the system (I call it "The Thin Pink line") for 13 years now. I appreciate the honesty in this film. My youngest child is about to go off to college. I plan to somehow carry on the fight for change where learning differences are celebrated and not punished where kids are not just drugged to keep them out of the way. I feel so sad for children (mostly minorities and lower income) who have parents who do not have the resources or time to advocate for them. Many are sent to Alternative Learning Centers or "The Prison Pipeline" here in Texas for things they may do which are out of their control and part and parcel of their disability. School districts hire the best attorneys money can buy with our tax dollars to fight parents who want their children afforded an equal opportunity at an education just so they don't start a precedent. I'm sorry this film wasn't more well received. I'm sure there were forces, particularly in Hollywood and teachers unions, who did not want this movie to do well. Their loss. It is phenomenal!

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