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Magazines: This Week's New Yorker Cover

Ware-newtown-shooting-465Here's a fascinating essay on the Newtown shooting by Chris Ware, a New Yorker illustrator who also happens to be a Chicago parent and husband of a CPS teacher.

Ware recalls his daughter's 2nd grade field trip held the same day as the shooting, his wife's experiences with the metal detectors and armed guards at her high school, and the experience of some teachers feeling blamed or responsible for keeping kids safe as well as educating and caring for them.

"As parents and citizens, we entrust our children not only to the safety of schools but also to the nurturing and cultivated environment of schools and teachers. Education is the very foundation of civilization and cannot be undermined or undersold. That we now have to somehow consider an unchecked population of firearms as part of this equation seems absolutely ludicrous and terrifying."

Ware also reveals that the cover he illustrated for the September back to school issue was inspired by his daughter's school.


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