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AM News: Schools Reacting To Armed Guard Proposal


Mixed Reaction to Call for Armed Guards in Schools NYT: While about a third of public schools nationwide have armed guards on campus, those who do not say they worry that allowing police officers with guns in schools would be far more destructive to the day-to-day culture of schools than any benefit they might bring in protecting against the worst-case scenario.

Texas among 10 states facing lawsuits over education funding Washington Posts: But school-funding advocates have found that winning a lawsuit doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of education — or even boost funding over the long term, as funding formula changes and budget cuts can eat into court-mandated increases.

How 'Deferred Action' Will Affect Classrooms NPR:  The new year could bring new challenges to the nation's schools and students. Host Michel Martin discusses what's ahead with NPR Education Correspondent, Claudio Sanchez. He says immigration policy and the demand for Pell Grants could have a huge effect on American education in 2013.

Philadelphia Plans to Close Some Schools NYT: The strapped school district has proposed an unprecedented downsizing that would close 37 schools by June.

Booker, Facebook Emails About $100 Million Schools Gift Released WSJ: The worries come across starkly in the e-mails, which Mayor Cory Booker fought to keep private after a public records law request. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey sued in August 2011 after the city denied the request, and a judge ruled against the city last week.

Open house being held for Sandy Hook students AP: An open house is being held at a repurposed school for students who attended Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown..



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Happy New Year, everyone.

With respect to the "adequacy" arguments being presented in the state funding cases referred to in the Washington Post, meeting state or federal education standards may itself be inadequate if those standards are inadequate -- which the new Common Core standards are, at least in mathematics. If the students achieving proficiency in our standards are still not competitive internationally, we will have difficulties when competing for international investment and jobs -- and we cannot afford that. While we are currently investing enough money in education as a nation, some states, notably California, where I live, are not, especially in the upper secondary level.

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