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AM News: Obama Administration Floats $10B Universal Preschool Proposal

Obama Evaluating Early Childhood Education Push In Second Term HuffPost: According to sources close to the administration, Duncan and the Department of Health and Human Services are outlining a $10 billion plan to create universal pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds from low- and some middle-income families -- approximately 1.85 million children. 

Chris Christie: NRA Ad Referencing Obama's Daughters 'Reprehensible' Huffington Post:  The Obama administration cites that with technical assistance from the Department of Education, 18,000 schools have already put evidence-based strategies to improve school climate into action. Through executive action, the administration proposes a new ...

Duncan: Hard to teach kids scared of being killed AP:  Duncan says it's tough to prepare students for college when they're more worried about being killed than making it to graduation.

In Pursuit of Safety, Schools' Paths Diverge WSJ: A month after a gunman massacred 20 students in Newtown, Conn., school districts nationwide are struggling with safety issues and taking widely divergent approaches. In one rural Ohio district, ...

Seattle High School's Teachers Toss District's Test NPR: The teachers say the test, which evaluates their performance as well as the students', is a waste of time. The district is planning review of the test's effectiveness but still expects that it will be administered. As protests against standardized tests percolate nationwide, Seattle may cause a greater ripple effect.

No Deal on New York City Teacher Evaluations; State and Federal Money at Risk NYT: The United Federation of Teachers and the Bloomberg administration blamed each other for talks breaking down even as a midnight deadline approached.

Green Dot charter group to reorganize Locke High LAT: In a move to address the slumping academic performance of incoming ninth-grade students, charter school operator Green Dot Public School is proposing to reorganize Locke High School in Watts.

Education Secty. Arne Duncan coming to launch pioneering Providence school ... Providence Journal: Education Secretary Arne Duncan will help launch United Providence, drawing national attention to the first-of-its-kind collaboration between a school district and teacher union to improve struggling schools.


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