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AM News: Governor Cuomo Proposes Sweeping NY Reforms

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Education Commission Recommends Core Reforms NYT: A group empaneled by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo suggested, among other things, extending the number of school days in New York State and making teachers pass the equivalent of a bar exam.

Chicago charter school subject to private sector labor laws WBEZ: Two-thirds of teachers at the school approved the union and it became official under state law.   But school managers wanted to follow federal labor law, which among other things would require a vote by secret ballot.

Contested UTLA panel elections signal internal fissures LA Times: Some union members fear outside groups that encouraged teachers to run for UTLA's House of Representatives, its official decision-making body, will try to influence policy. 

Deferring Six Figures on Wall Street for Teacher's Salary NYT: Teach for America says that its 2012 class contained about 400 recent graduates with a major in business or economics. Of those with professional experience, about 175 worked in finance.

Biden launches gun violence group with law enforcement officials The Hill: Biden and the dozen local law enforcement officials in attendance were joined by Attorney General Eric Holder, along with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sandy Hook kids face first classes since shooting USA Today:  Students from Sandy Hook Elementary will attend classes at a school in neighboring Monroe.

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will be interesting to read your take on the New York commission, but I thought it all sounded pretty tame. FIne principals but if the the full report doesn't have more implementation details that make it real, it's just empty rhetoric, no?

And then the governor says he isn't sure he can pay for it in any case.

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