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AM News: Charter School Report Casts Doubt on Obama's Education Policy

Charter School Report Casts Doubt on Obama's Education Policy  HuffPostEdu: The report, "Charter School Growth and Replications," found that, with some exceptions, charter schools that start strong are likely to stay that way, just as low-performing schools usually remain at the bottom. The study ranked charter schools within five levels based on performance, and found that 80 percent of schools in the bottom level during their first year remained there for five years. 


Fresh Wave of Head Start Centers Told to Recompete for Aid EdWeek: The announcement that a new wave of more than 100 Head Start grantees will need to recompete for their federal funding has redoubled attention on the federal government's efforts to ensure the effectiveness of the $8 billion preschool program that serves about 1 million low-income children.

Race, the UFT & NYC’s top schools NewYorkPost: The union’s delegate assembly voted last month to support a lawsuit that would destroy New York City’s top academic high schools. The suit by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund aims to throw out the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, which it claims discriminates against Hispanic and black students.

Cuomo: State Might Impose Evaluations WSJ: State officials will impose their own job evaluation system on New York City's teachers if a deal isn't reached soon between the union and the city, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

School Shooting Drills: How Realistic Should They Be? AP: While the end of the Cold War removed the duck-and-cover exercises that had students crouching beneath desks under threat of an atomic bomb, the intent is the same: to protect against the unimaginable. But not all experts agree on how realistic the exercises need to be.

A Decade of Writers Promoting Reading at Public Schools WSJ: Behind the Book, a not-for-profit literacy organization that works with New York City's underserved public schools, celebrated its 10th year anniversary with a cocktail party and fundraiser on Tuesday evening in Midtown. The organization brings local authors into K-12 classrooms to work directly with students.


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Why are the parents being ignored on this issue? I think parents are being screwed and while the Waltons, the Dells, and the Gates family foundations are dishing out free money to whoever wants to launch a charter school. It will backfire. Former city council chairmen, lawyers.....all out for the mighty dollar at children's expense. Makes me sick!

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