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Innovation: The False Promise Of "Zombie-Based Learning"

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 02 10.07One of the pitches singled out for shame in The New Republic's article The False Promise Of Kickstarter is this one for Zombie-Based Learning (Geography taught in Zombie Apocalypse), which is hilarious but not necessarily worth the money it's receiving.



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After reading the article, I have to admit it is upsetting to me that of all the things we need to be funding in the realm of education, money is legitimately being handed to this ludicrous proposal. What we need, is to try and find a happy medium between a structured environment, and teaching/technique flexibility. This one errs quite heavily on the latter, and not in a positive way. Truly disappointing.

Feel free to give some constructive responses. Try pointing out what about it is exactly ludicrous, or why this isn't worth $12,000. I'd love to hear.

Project-based learning, clear objectives, engaging curriculum, and a curriculum that is based on national standards is worth a lot in my book.

Looking forward to your input.

David Hunter

P.S. The New Republic article points out that the Kickstarter campaign is behind in shipping, not that it is necessarily a failure. Part of the reason that it is behind is becauase I've held it to update to the new 2012 National Geography Standards, and since I got extra money I moved from just a narrative to a graphic novel. The illustration of the graphic novel took longer than the narrative I originally proposed.

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