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Thompson: The Meaning Of The NAACP Education Plan

FindingNothing in our educational civil war is more painful to educators than the divisions it has caused within the civil rights community. We seemed to hit rock bottom when Jonah Edelman, the son of civil rights heroes, was videotaped bragging about his assault on Chicago teachers. 

So it was reinvigorating to hear his father Peter Edelman and other civil rights leaders, declare that it is time to stop attacking educators and tackle the real issue—poverty. Even better, the NAACP recently issued Finding Our Way Back to First,  a four-part education policy proposal that would extend school hours and years in school, improve preschool programs, better target spending for the neediest of students, and improve teacher training and evaluations, while recognizing the inherent flaws with value-added evaluations. 

I still can't understand why value-added evaluations were taken seriously as a tool for helping poor children of color. For the life of me, however, I cannot understand why liberals could not agree to reject that failed experiment, as we commit to the NAACP's proposal.-JT(@drjohnthompson) image via.


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