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Books: My So-Called Prep School Life

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 02 10.57Richard Kramer, who wrote My So Called Life and thirtysomething, has a new book out called These Things Happen and it's about a high school sophomore.

According to the Salon review here, it's "the story of Wesley Bowman, a thoroughly fascinating and preternaturally — but never preciously — intelligent New York kid whose beating at the hands of gay-bashing bullies in the basement of his schmancy Manhattan prep school (the sort of place where “these things” are not supposed to “happen”) at once brings his family together and pushes them apart in unexpected ways."

Sounds good, no?  Sure, you can send it to me as a holiday gift.  That'd be very kind of you. 


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Speaking of books: I read "Some of my Best Friends are Black" after seeing it on this blog. It was a fantastic read on the history of integration. I couldn't put it down, laughed out loud a lot, teared up a couple of times. One fourth of it is about the history of integration in education. The other three fourths: Neighborhoods, work, churches. The author also does a great job at showing how all of these things tie together. Highly recommended.

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