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Quotes: Merit Pay Creates "A Better Experience For The Kids"

Quotes2It seems like classes are more consistent, that they're all kind of operating towards the same kind of core curriculum standards, which creates I think [a] better experience for the kids. -- DCPS parent Leticia Long on CBS News

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Please note that the DCPS, Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Gates Foundation (LAUSD) models of merit pay differ significantly. And the evaluation rating systems each use is unique unto itself so non-transferable between districts even within the same state.

Why not pay teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that students pass state mandated test? Believe me, they have worked for it! It's more to teaching than just cramming information into a students' head. First, you have to reach them before they will even listen to what you have to teach. It's a methodology that takes time and practice. In the end, its all worth it, for both the teacher, and especially the students.

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