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People: I See Education People, Everywhere (On OKCupid]

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It doesn't take much looking around on OKCupid, the online dating site, before you start to find teachers, ed research geeks, and even the occasional school reform type.  

That makes sense, given the popularity of online dating, the demographics of education, and the rigors of the job. 

Saving kids' lives and fixing education doesn't leave much time or energy for hanging out at bars or seeing shows.  (Not that anyone looks up from his or her mobile device for very long, anyway.)

Got an online education dating story or "spotted on OKCupid" story to share?  Comment below or send it to me at thisweekineducation at gmail dot com.


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This has exactly been my experience out of three weeks trying out OkCupid thus far. I've run into two people who either work or have worked for other organizations in ed reform/ed policy in the city -- organizations that my org has dealt with or continue to deal with! Not to mention I've been communicating with several others who are teachers of either District-run or charter-run schools as well.

This is entirely freaky to me, because I do not specifically advertise what I do outside of working for a non-profit.

Heck, I've even had one lady message me who ended up teaching an instructional class at one of the branches of a gym that I belong to!

My immediate explanation (outside of OKCupid has somehow infiltrated my life) is that my personality and views are very similar to others who work in the field and that it is entirely a coincidence that we're running into each other so easily.

To all the ed/teacher-ladies I have either dated once or message through OKCupid, you should all know you're all entirely wonderful people. Just because we did not click does not mean you will not click with some other very lucky man. Just take a cue from the Electric Light Orchestra and hold on tight to your dreams.

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