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Five Best Blogs: Think Tankers Only A Month Late On Khan Article

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Hess ow.ly/fN14I & Smarick ow.ly/fN1sM ponder Sal Kahn article I read & dismissed a month ago ow.ly/fN1ku

Hard to take the Common Core seriously when, like the fiscal cliff, it sems so unlikely to happen @washingtonpost   ow.ly/fMgNa

The elusive Jonah Edelman weighs in on the fiscal cliff, which is actually a smart move ow.ly/fMOsL

Oh no, they're talking about eliminating the $240B charitable tax deducation (which mostly goes to the rich) #5bb ow.ly/fMhjX


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The Common Core is coming, but the exams may be delayed, at least in areas without sufficient technology to deliver them. The bad teaching recorded in the story is already taking place. We might well wish that the educators in charge of teaching reading and writing were better at it themselves. Why, for example, did the Core writers bury in a footnote on page 5 the important information about the non-fiction being intended for subjects other than English? And why are the teachers and their managers so incompetent with regard to reading and interpreting the workplace document they've been given? Problems, like lack of teacher buy-in, that normally accompany top-down initiatives are apparent here; but after all, these are just growing pains, and the Common Core, in English at least, especially in middle school, where my son is now wasting his time re-reading "The Outsiders", has the potential to improve plenty of classrooms.

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